What you need to know when buying sunglasses for kids

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Rainbow sunglasses for toddlers

About sunglasses for kids, first of all, you need to know, are the glasses safe for children’s eyes? There are three main standards for non-prescription sunglasses for kids: American (ANSI Z80,3-2001), European (EN 1836:2005) and Australian (AS/NZ 1067:2003). Standardization is aimed at two points – safety and effectiveness.

Safety means:

  • Quality of the material from which the frame is made (non-toxic in contact with skin, nonflammable);
  • Quality of processing lenses (grinding and polishing);
  • Shockproof;

Effectiveness means:

  • Ultraviolet Light Transmission

What are the UV RAYS?

Ultraviolet radiation UVR – is the invisible part of the spectrum that measured in nanometers. 1 nm = one billionth of a meter (10 -9 degrees). Depending on the wavelength are distinguished:

  1. UVC 100-280 nm – all absorbed by the atmosphere and do not reach to the Earth’s surface.
  2. UVB 280-315 nm – are the most dangerous to humans, although the bulk of these rays absorbed by the atmosphere.
  3. UVA 315-400 nm – penetrates deep into the tissue, but is not as damaging as UVB, because they have a photon energy lower than that of UVB. It is found that the eye lens is a 0-beta-3-hydroxykynurenine, which absorbs UVA and thereby protects the retina.

After contact with UV-rays in the eyes of the main burden falls on the cornea and the lens, and then suffer the vitreous and the retina. Most dangerous UV for children under 10 years. Therefore, sunglasses for babies are more necessary than for adults. It can be aviator sunglasses for kids or baby banz sunglasses, just protect children eyes. And remember, the greater absorption of UV, the darker lens. Due to USA standard sunglasses for toddlers, older kids and everyone else must be with almost 100%-blocking of UV rays. Sunglasses, made in the USA, are marked 400UV or UV100%. If sunglasses comply with European quality standards, they are marked CE mark (Conformite Europeenne) on the bow or on the label.

Good sunglasses for kids – what they made of

Sunglasses for babies

Quality of the glasses lenses is extremely important. There is a very simple method to determine the characteristics of quality. Take the glasses at a comfortable distance from your face, cover one eye and look through the center of the second lens on the object that has the direct line (preferably in the form of a rectangle). Slowly move the points up and down, right to left. If there is no distortion of the lines – lenses have good quality. You can buy these polarized sunglasses for kids. But remember that photochromic, polarized lenses and mirror do not protect from UV and must also be marked with the degree of protection from UV.

Sunglasses shape

Shape of the sunglasses an important point, when you buying baby boy sunglasses. If bright sunlight gets in your eyes over his glasses or from side, it dramatically reduces the effectiveness of sunglasses. Therefore, glasses should sit tight on the nose, and the length of the ear hook – fit the shape of the child’s face to ensure glasses fit snugly to the face, without causing discomfort. One should note that the lashes are not rested on the glass. For children with hyperopia who have to wear glasses all the time, for the summer, it is desirable to purchase glasses with slight darkening lenses. This also applies to sports sunglasses for kids.

Myths and misconceptions

  1. The darker the lenses, the better the protection

If the lenses in sunglasses are made of ordinary plastic, more they are darker, more dangerous to the eye. The darker the lens, the wider the pupils, the more UV penetrates the eye, the negative consequences. This is especially dangerous for children under 10 years. You should buy kids polarized sunglasses that match all requirements of health, or not to buy any sort.

  1. The higher the price, the better the quality

Australian ophthalmologists examined sunglasses quality (from different countries and different brands) and found that the high price does not guarantee high quality.

Protecting the eyes from the sun, we should not forget that the light is extremely important for the development and proper functioning of certain brain structures. All of the above equally true towards sunglasses for girls and boys.

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