What is an infinity scarf for girl and how to wear it?

Friday, December 11th 2015. | Girls Fashion

Blue winter infinity scarf cowl is made with100 acrylic yarn

Infinity scarf is a scarf, which has no end. Bound in a circle Infinity scarf has quickly become an alternative to several things, first, the usual scarves, secondly, the hood. Despite that many people think this thing a fashion victim, this is not true. Fashion always repeated and LIC scarf returned from the 80s where it was called scarf-covered ladies head and collar.

What is an infinity scarf for today?

It exists in two major versions:

  • Model with a light fabric (silk or cotton infinity scarf) which for the spring and summer.
  • Knitted winter infinity scarf.

Such scurf is versatile, practical, versatile, modern and beautiful, and also refers to things in unisex area. There are no rules how to wear infinity scarf, just your fantasy. But still let’s look at the most common ways to wear this accessory.

  1. LIC scarves may be of different lengths. They are usually divided into big, normal and small infinity scarves. Big is classic (long and wide). If the scarf is not long enough, you can just throw it on the neck. It’s the easiest way to wear it. Mostly scarf twist eight, so it becomes more voluminous, but still does not cover the neck. In the cold season LIC wrapped around the neck three times, so scarf is adjacent to the body that both warm and beautiful.
  2. Most infinity scarf replaces the hat; you need to do two turns around the neck, followed by coating the head. This option also creates a romantic image and has its practical advantages. Many girls do not wear hats, fearing to spoil the hairstyle. Infinity scarf is not threatened to your hairstyle but it can hide from the cold, not only head and neck, but also ears.
  3. LIC- scarf can also replace a cape, while it is easy to put on top of the clothes and on top of conventional jackets. In this variation pink or red infinity scarf (bright coloring) will change your look beyond recognition and transform the plain things.

Now you know what an infinity scarf is and how to wear it. But you may be interested in video about 13 ways to wear an infinity scarf.

What to wear with infinity scarf

Infinity scarves look good with any top clothes: drab coats, raincoats, jackets, down jackets, fur coat, etc. They are appropriate in the wardrobe of both classic and sporty. This scarf will harmoniously integrated into the office style. It looks fantastic with blouses, turtlenecks and wool dresses, combined with a jacket or cardigan. Infinity scarves with fringe of fine yarn will become a charming addition to an evening dress.

Infinity scarf can be worn with warm winter clothing and a light summer blouse. Voluminous knitted LIC- scarf looks best with coats. Stoles can be used with down jackets or jackets padding polyester. A summer version of infinity scarves is best combined with elegant blouses and trousers or skirts.

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