What to wear with leggings for girls

Wednesday, February 4th 2015. | Girls' Clothing

Black sequin leggings for girls

There is no girl, which don’t have leggings in her wardrobe. Leggings for girls – are universal clothing that becomes irreplaceable for most of them. This article will be useful for those who don’t have leggings or think about buying one more. Usually girls don’t buy and don’t wear leggings because they don’t know what to wear with them. But this is not are science, and every one can figure, what clothing are best option to wear with leggings.

What are the leggings?

There are three types of the leggings by the length. We talk about extended leggings, Capri leggings, footless (ankle length), footed leggings and stirrup. It’s always depends on the weather what type of leggings for girls you should wear. For example, calf length Capri is good option for workouts at warm time of year. Long lengths leggings are good variant for fall or winter.

Color also play big role. Today market is so big that we can choose any color and any print for leggings. In past leggings for girls were ultra bright and expressive, but now more restrained colors more popular. Big part of leggings produced in black and gray colors. Also beige and dark blue leggings are popular. All because dark colors make illusion that leg becomes longer. Green leggings look good on little girls. Also moms buying for their little baby red and yellow leggings. If you want to be fashion-monger with glamorous look you should think about leggings with pattern (flower print, cheetah print, tribal print, zebra print etc).

Girls tribal print leggings

Leggings and other clothing

Leggings for girls are the good choice because they well combined with almost anything. Yes, any top will do. But you can do it only if top clothing corresponds to one simple rule: top must cover thighs. Try to remember that leggings like a tights, that’s why nobody need to see where it starts. But with some leggings you can wear top till belt because they look like jeans.

Read more about types of jeans for girls.

Tunic, dress shirts, knitted dresses, sundress, long pullovers, skirts above the knee, elongated cardigans and jackets, – they are all well combined with leggings. Wellingtons with leggings look good at autumn. Also girls can combine leggings with ankle boots, shoes with high heels, sandals and ballet flats. It is very difficult to choose the right athletic shoes for leggings. And all become easier when we use Capri.

Also you can wear leggings at winter under pants. It will play role of thermal underwear. So winter shoes also can be combined with leggings. Remember, that leggings is not only for perfect legs, anybody can wear it and looks good. Just don’t be afraid to do experiment.

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