Tops for kids – summer ideas

Wednesday, May 20th 2015. | Girls' Clothing

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Summer is a time of year when warm enough for favorite clothes. But we will talk not about any clothes; let’s consider summer ideas of tops for kids. In warm time of the year clothes should be sufficiently light and airy. Also cloth playing big role if we talking about quality. Always look 100% cotton and forget about cheap t shirts. Other way your child will sweat too much, which is undesirable in windy weather. You can buy vintage t shirts or some funny shirts, but always look on label – only 100% cotton.

Cute tops for girls – best solution

It is always simple with boys’ tops, other thing with girls. A variety of boys outerwear is not as rich as you can think. You can find some tank tops for kids but in most cases you will chose simple T-shirt. And word “cute” more suitable to clothes for girls. It is unlikely you will imagine little boy when thinking about crop tops for kids. This kind of outerwear is for girls. Older girls wearing crop top in a variety of situations. But the youngest one uses it for sports. If your baby girl loves active sports then you cannot do without crop top in summer period. It looks so cute that crop top can be used not only for sport activities.

One more idea that you might like are using of tunic tops for girls. The advantage of this outerwear is that tunic top can be well combined almost with anything. Please don’t try put on your baby girl tunic top and skirt at the same time. Better try shorts or jeans, it is good combination. For little girl one tunic top can be good if it long enough. If you want your baby to be bright then try sequin tops for girls. But such clothing is not for every girl.

In the summer we need to think about what to wear to protect the child from the sun. While boys wear T-shirts girls love sleeveless tops. And here lies a big threat – sunburn. Shoulders have very delicate skin and we must protect it. That’s why sleeveless tops for girls can be very bad idea. To decide about this kind of outerwear you need to know how much skin is sensitive to sunlight. Traditionally, the lighter the girl’s hair, the more dangerous from sun she could have. The girl with the dark hair from birth is often less susceptible to the solar rays, and can afford to wear sleeveless tops.

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