Do We Need Global Kids Fashion Week?

Friday, December 26th 2014. | Children's Fashion

Global Kids Fashion Week

Global Kids Fashion Week is something that we never even would think about in last century. Fashion Week is traditionally targeting on grown people. But one by one appear designers who likes to work with kids fashion clothes. That’s why for now searching fashion clothes for kids is normal. Kids fashion week appears all over the world. You can become a part of it   not only in US but also in other country on almost all continents. But some of parents have problems with such clothing and events.

Kids fashion week isn’t something new unlike Global Kids Fashion Week that took place in London last year. Various brands were there, presenting their own product. Nike, Paul Smith, Keds Kids, Little Marc Jacobs and John Galliano join the great event. Sooner or later such big thing like Global Kids Fashion Week should be happened because global market for children’s clothes is about a $100 billion dollar industry. We need to understand that this one and similar fashion week targeting on parents, not children. Kids don’t interesting about fashion thing even if it’s their own clothing. But children grown up very fast and change their opinion about fashion things.

Until now is a lot of controversy on the subject of whether or not exist at all such thing as fashion baby clothes. Should we promote it with help of global or local kids fashion week? Opinions on this matter are always separated. Someone might say that the world is full of things more important than making children’s clothing fashion. Perhaps parents should pay more attention to other aspects of their children’s lives.

We are not trying to judge anyone. There is nothing wrong with the child who wearing fashionable clothes. But is it worth to hold fashion shows with kids? Perhaps in the future special standards for children will be introduced, as is now done with the models. We would not want it to happen.

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