Kids Designer Clothing – for Kids or for Parents?

Saturday, January 24th 2015. | Children's Fashion

Kids designer fashion clothing

We never ask children if they actually like kids designer clothing. We purchase it and say: “this is for you, now wear it”. If we buy some designer clothing for the baby, we do it because we ones who actually like it. Kids, most of them, even don’t know about Dolce & Gabbana. Yes, that brand makes stunning clothing for kids, but it stunning only for parents. Grown people want look good and they want the same for children. There is nothing wrong with it. But we all need to understand that little girl or boys don’t really need designer clothing.

Kids designer clothing is very expensive thing. Buying it for your kid, you are telling to whole world: “look, I am rich enough for such luxurious and famous brand”. One thing is to buy designer clothing for you for rest life (or till it become unsuitable for wearing) and other thing is buy this clothing for kid, who will very soon grow out of designer clothing. You will have to update the kids designer clothing wardrobe every 1-2 years, and it’s very expensive to do. May be it will happen quickly than you think. We talk about children, and they love making new clothes dirty. Yes, even if it’s very expensive one.

In designer clothing kids will be quite restricted in what they can do. It can make big problems for kid and for parents. Baby can’t understand what is the different between Gucci pants and pants from regular supermarket. As children get older, they will start to understand this different, but not now. So for now you can dress your kid in designer clothing for some special event where clothing will be in safe. In any way you can easily find some kids designer clothing if you want to.

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