How To Wear Boys Skinny Jeans

Friday, January 9th 2015. | Boys Fashion

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Skinny jeans are something new in fashion industry. Teenage boys skinny jeans have been polarizing long time ago. For men skinny jeans become is fashion trend, but what about kids? Teens start copy what they see and began to love new trend. So maybe moms should start to rethink their approach to the skinny jean. For beginning we need to know, that all skinny jeans can be separate into “spray-on” and “standard”.

Spray-on and standard boys skinny jeans

Standard skinny jeans made from 100% cotton. But also that kind of boys skinny jeans can contain elastane. Little per cent of this material used for comfort. That kind of skinny jeans have a slightly wider ankle opening. Also “standard group” don’t taper down the leg like “spray-on group” do.

Spray-on skinny jeans styles unlike previous type contain many of stretch elastane. So in that case we talk about very narrow ankle opening and tapered close to the leg of jeans. You should kip in mind bought of this variant before thinking about wearing skinny jeans or buying it.

How to wear boys skinny jeans

Standard Skinny Jeans

Spray-on jeans is not for all. You need to have well maintained bodies to wear it. Not many men can use that type of jeans. But with teenagers we have other story. They young and have well proportioned bodies, mostly of them. That’s why boys skinny jeans looks good on many teenagers and just on few men. So it’s really fashion clothing because not everyone can wear it. Few extra pounds can put an end to your desire to wear spray-on jeans. It will look disgusting from all angles. To wear spray-on jeans you need to have slender body (legs, waist, hips, etc) and be confident in your personal style. Try to be realistic with your body parameters. For a boy it’s should not be a problem. Choosing skinny jeans pay attention to it color. Black, grey and navy looks great. Also white jeans with two or one pops of color are a fashion trend.

What about standard skinny jeans? They are much more versatile. Skinny jeans make accents on legs but for boys with smaller legs and big upper bodies it will shift the focus to a whole rather. For boys with taper form of body standard style will help looks more balance in question of height and width proportion. You should to understand that really big guys must forget about such fashion thing as boys skinny jeans. And it’s no matter; fat or muscle becomes a reason of big legs and body. Skinny jeans look good only if balance and proportion are OK.

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