How to choose baby sun hats

Tuesday, June 23rd 2015. | Children's Clothing

Baby sun hats for girls

Heat and sun rays can harm a child’s health. Many mothers try to protect their baby from the sun, using sunscreen and light cap. There is a big variety of baby sun hats on summer. You can use bandanas, panama, caps and even kerchief. When choosing a hat you should pay attention to baby age and his or her activity. Also quality and appearance of headgear plays big role as well as other factors. Anyway try to choose from cute baby hats.

Fabric as a sign of durability and convenience

Baby’s summer hat must cool child head, not to heat it. Even if you like funky baby hats, fabric should absorb moisture well, smoothly flowing air and reflect ultraviolet rays. For example, linen shows bad results in absorption of moisture. That’s why linen baby boy hat can create a greenhouse effect. Better to choose fabrics like cotton, calico and chintz. Such baby sun hats perfectly breathable and absorb moisture, they are very practical and permanently retain its original appearance. Crochet baby hats also a good choice. Such a headdress, in addition to the above qualities, well kept on the child’s head. For the smallest baby beanie hat is also good choice.

What color is best for summer?

Baby girl hats and bonnets

Coloring headdress for the summer is also important. Don’t use dark colors, defer it until cold. Bright colors for summer panama’s always will be the best option. Such baby summer hats will reflect the sun’s rays, as well as they will make excellent harmony with light summer dresses. Also you can choose colored panama, especially when we considering baby girl hats.

Beauty and convenience

Many kids don’t like to wear hats. That’s why you should find comfortable and convenient baby sun hat. Headgear should ideally sit on the child’s head and don’t slide on the eye. For older girls caps with strings will do, for boys – use bandanas and hats that resemble cartoon characters. Hat fields should not be very wide or drooping on baby eyes. On children’s hats should not be many foreign elements in the form of applications, beads, coins and buttons. But you can put on baby hats with ears if it seems cute for you.

Children, like adults, can’t stand when someone trying them something to impose. That’s why it is better to buy a summer hat for baby along with the baby. Then kid could choose what he likes.

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