Should we combine khaki pants and black shoes?

Monday, January 19th 2015. | Children's Fashion

Khaki dress pants with black shoes

For many moms their baby outfits are very important thing. That’s why question like “Should we combine khaki pants and black shoes?” appears in our minds from time to time. May be there are special shoes which is good combine with khakis pants? May be rubber, matte, shiny or other shoes can look good with khaki pants? And here we come to big secret. Khakis pants are very versatile clothing, so almost any footwear will do. Even more, waist-encirclement will work with khaki pants almost in all occasion. You don’t believe? Just try to wear it and then look in the mirror. All your doubts will disappear. Don’t be afraid to by khaki pants for your teenage boy or girl.

We need to use black belt to better combining khaki pants and black shoes. In other variant it will not be fashionable. On the contrary, black shoes with khaki pants and brown bell (green, yellow, gray, etc) will feature a complete lack of taste. Considering question about khaki pants and black shoes we should do it in context, because what we wearing with khakis are also important thing. But in most of cases black or brown is the best option to wear with khaki pants. With brown shoes we need to find a brown ball and that’s may be a problem. But with black shoes it’s not a problem.

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Color of khaki pants is one more important thing, when you try to combine it with black shoes. The lighter your khakis are, the easier it is to look with black shoes on. In most situations it is very hard to combine dark khaki with black shoes. May be it will be better for teenager to wear chukkas, desert boots or cool sneakers with khaki pants. It will look more interesting, then classic black shoes color.

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