How to choose pajamas for toddlers

Thursday, August 10th 2017. | Children's Clothing

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A sleep for any person, and especially for a child, is an extremely important part of life. After all, good sleep is what the baby need. And for a quiet sleep it is very important to choose cozy and comfortable pajamas for toddlers.

It is very important that the child during sleep felt comfortable.  This is possible if it is not too hot or too cold. Therefore, most likely, the child will need several pajamas. For example, with short and long sleeves, panties and shorts. Fabric also matters. Too heavy pajamas, even if very warm in cool apartment, often become hateful for babies. Give preference to the tissues that will warm the child, but will not hang on his body like armor.

Cotton fabric is ideal for pajamas, but satin is also convenient. If you want, you can choose flax, but keep in mind that this fabric is a bit harsh for the baby. Whichever pajamas for toddlers you prefer remember that the fabric for PJ’s should be very soft and do not accumulate electrical charges. Pay attention to the seams, they should not crash into the baby’s skin, leaving red marks or streaks.

Pajamas for a child can be bought on a size, or even on 1-2 size more. It is not because the baby grows too fast. Pajamas which do not limit the movements of the child during the sleep will be more comfortable. But if pajamas are too small, it is better to abandon it immediately.

For a girl, you should not choose long ribbons and bows, because they will prevent a child from sleeping. Take care that the rubber band was not too tight and does not press on the baby’s belly.

It is advisable that the pajamas for toddlers should have soft, unobtrusive tones. All decorative details, (drawings, ornaments) should be neat. But don’t forget, the main thing is that the child likes the clothes.

The baby needs to be taught that it is necessary to put on pajamas every time, as soon as he goes to bed. Do not force him to wear it, if for some reason the child does not want to.

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