11 fashion tips for girls

Wednesday, February 25th 2015. | Girls Fashion


  1. Be confident in your style
  2. Show your best side
  3. Bright colors
  4. Accessory for every day
  5. Stop imitating – be yourself
  6. Be neat and clean
  7. Clothing in wardrobe
  8. Simple is often best
  9. Petite appearance and full bust body girls
  10. High heels
  11. Perfume

Fashion tips for teens

All girls want to be pretty. Also they like to dress in fashion clothes. But not everyone knows how to do it. Some make-up and good clothes can make real divas from a nerd. With fashion tips for girls you can even become a beauty queen. Grown woman already know all this tips but not young girls.

Be confident in your style

First and the most important advice is that: you should to wear such clothes which makes you feel in your field. For shoes is same thing. If you don’t feel completely at ease in the most beautiful dress in the world, then it’s bound to show on your face. If you don’t confident then it’s no matter what you wearing. It’s just not for you.

Show your best side

Everyone have attractive features, you just need to show it. Dress according to your body type will help to do it. For example, for girls with heavy bust and broad shoulders it is necessary to wear blouses and shirts. This clothing should draw attention away from you problem area. Girls with heavy bottom should forget about body hugging jeans. It’s all about attention. You need making attention to your problem parts and make accents to you attractive features.

Bright colors

Using bright colors is one fashion tips for girls. It will help you to make right emphasis. If you have slim waist then use bright belt to make accent on it. If you have swan-like neck then scarf in bright colors is what you need. To make accent on supple legs you need to use skirt. Yes, the bright one. But be careful, the color you choose need to be in-season. Also you need to combine colors. Old gray suit will be not so boring with pair of red shoes. Also you can use bright accessory, for example, handbag.

Accessory for every day

Beauty tips for girlsAccessorize is very important in girls look and its one more of fashion tips for girls. Use it. Anything can be you accessory even glasses. You can use not only jewelry, necklaces and scarves but also socks, hats and other head gears. At least one accessory must be used with your outfit. It can be bracelet or a brooch, which can add a delicate hint of glamour. A metallic addition also can be used.

Stop imitating – be yourself

Don’t try to imitate other people. Again the problem is in the forms of body. Your role model can have unique proportion of body which you don’t have. So is something looks good on model it can looks horrible on you. Styles of popular personalities are very special thing. They can wear what they want because of popularity. But you are not popular girl so any strange combining of clothing can make people laugh on you. Don’t try to be who you are not – it is one of fashion tips for girls that can help you avoid crying because of what people says.

Be neat and clean

Makeup tips for girlsFashion tips are not only about clothing and accessory. It will not make any thence is you don’t pay attention to your body. You need to be neat and clean. Such thing like modern hairstyle and best manicure not for girls because its need much money. But don’t forget, that hair one of the important thing of the fashion look. And it’s no metter would you hair be straight or crimped. Color also is no big deal, of course if you not thinking about something extreme like green or purple hair. Fashion tips for girls about hair are very simple – say no to the wild hair and always make haircut.

Clothing in wardrobe

Wardrobe is best friend for fashion girl. To be precise, not the wardrobe, but what’s inside. We don’t know how you can be fashion girl if don’t have trendy high heels. Every girl must have white shirt and trench coat. Just your imagination should restrict the contents of the wardrobe.

Simple is often best

Every fashion tips for girls are important but this one of the most. Remember that simple is often best. It means you need to wear fashionable attire but not to overdo the look. So don’t be extreme in clothing, makeup or jewelry. Remember that you simple or confidence can make you more attractive that any outfit.

Petite appearance and full bust body girls

Clothing tips for girlsGirls who have a petite appearance need to think about mini-dress. You will look fantastic in it. Short dress must be your favorite outfit with slid colors. And cropped pants for you are highly not recommended. Girls with full bust body and v-necked t-shirt are created for each other. But forget about ruffled tops because they makes you look to heavy. For girls with curvy hips a-line skirt is like god blessed. But forget about short skirts and remember that your pants do not pull across the hips.

High heels

A pair of heels can be salvation for many of your fashion problems. Sometimes only they can make you feel more confident. Any girl will look more attractive on a pair of heels. There are more fashion tips for girls. If you don’t know how to walk on high heels, start practice at your home. Also it will help you to minimize the risk of a sprained ankle. Some practice and you will not have any problems with this shoes.


Fashion look consists not only from you outfit, accessory, makeup and pretty smile. People not only look on you but also small you. So wear a fragrance that you like.

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